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What is Quantity Surveyor (QS) ?


Quantity surveyors are the financial managers of the construction team, who add value by monitoring the functions of cost, time and quality in building and engineering projects of any scale. The role of the quantity surveyor has changed significantly in recent years and they now take the long view of building projects, assessing options and providing a client with detailed information on which to base decisions. Increasingly, quantity surveyors are valued for their creative ideas and solutions at the early stages of a project.

Teaching and Assessment

The wide variety of teaching and learning methods include lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops, laboratory sessions, individual and group projects, and guided reading. Assessment is designed to monitor your progress throughout the course and a variety of assessment methods are used including portfolios, written work such as essays and reports, in-class tests and examinations.

Associated Careers

Demand for the services of Quantity Surveyors and Cost Engineers are truly global career. The increased emphasis placed by clients on costs and value for money means that the Costing and Estimation have a wide range of employment possibilities in private practice, central or local government and with construction, investment or development firms in Pakistan.